Age Tracker

Age Tracker gives you fast and simple access to the exact age of everyone important in your life.

Just type in the date of birth and let Age Tracker keep track of exactly how old your family member, friend or even pet is !!



For quick and easy viewing, you can divide your entries up into different categories. Family and Friends categories are provided for you. You can then add other categories that suit your situation, for example, Pets, Work Colleagues etc...

Baby's Arrival

You can also use Age Tracker to countdown to the birth of a new baby. Simply enter the due date and Age Tracker will tell you how long, in months and days, before the new baby is due to arrive.

Multiple Units

You can measure age in:

  • Years, Months and Days
  • Months and Days (great for babies)
  • Days

Photo Identification

Keep a photo of your family member, friend or pet etc next to their birthday for ease of identification.

Universal app

One app for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Please email support with any feature suggestions!

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